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Origin Delta 68


ORIGIN DELTA 68 Denim Blue Jeans have become America’s iconic denim jean since their launch in 2019.

Our proprietary Delta Denim textile is super-soft, super-stretchy and built not only for all day… but ALL WEEK use. So comfortable that underwear is optional. Don’t get “super-stretch” confused with “strength’. Delta Denim is ultra strong, and undeniably durable. We blended in just enough polyester to keep you cool and comfortable. This performance denim is built to squat, roll, ride or chill. Behind building a great product is 250 years of American makers. A blockchain of manufacturing, starting with Texas cotton, grown sustainably by farmers with soul. Woven in Trion, Georgia at America’s last surviving denim mill. Cut and sewn with pride in ORIGIN factories located in Maine and North Carolina. Washed and dried for a pre-shrunk, out of the box fit. Iconic American Denim has been reborn and freedom has been restored.

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