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Starting in 1964, a 22-year-old New Yorker named Danny Lyon immerses himself in biker culture, cozying up to America’s first motorcycle gangs. Five years before Easy Rider and three years before Hunter S.Thompson’s Hell’s Angels, Danny Lyon describes the daily life of biker crews who chose to live by their own rules, becoming the antiheroes of the hippie generation.

CAPTURING A CULTURE: Skate, Punk, Rap, Skins, Raves, Bikers, Freedom Fighters, Gangs, Graffiti…Capturing a Culture looks back at groundbreaking countercultures through the eyes of the photographers who captured their essence and showcased their rebellious spirit.A 13-part series of 6-minute films – with Glen E. Friedman, Danny Lyon, Janette Beckman, Henry Chalfant and Gavin Watson.

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