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Robin Sage

The 14 soldiers of ODA 9114 are two weeks away from joining the elite ranks of Special Forces and earning their Green Berets. But between them and the finish line is a two-week field test known as Robin Sage — a full-scale, all-in unconventional warfare exercise inside the notional nation of Pineland. They’ve trained to join Special Forces for over a year, but with Coffee or Die Magazine along for the mission, they’ll have 14 days to plan and infiltrate Pineland, link up with local resistance, equip and train their fighters, and attack a series of targets.

And Robin Sage is more than just an Army exercise. It sprawls across dozens of counties and hundreds of miles across rural North and South Carolina. The citizens of Pineland — and the enemy forces — are made up of hundreds of volunteers from the small towns and farms of the region. Many families have been “Pinelanders” for generations. Meet them all in the latest episode of Coffee or Die.

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