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The brave crew who took part in the 9th edition of Scram Africa knew very well that it was not going to be easy. Ready to write a memorable chapter in the novel of their lives, they all stood before the starting line in Tetouan. Eight days and 2,485 kilometers of dunes, rivers and impossible tracks lay ahead in the steep Atlas mountains. Their destiny? The mythical Sahara, the largest and most dangerous hot desert in the world.

After 2 long years without setting foot on the dunes, this 2022 we finally could feel the adrenaline of the desert again. We craved getting on the gas! But during this break we have been able to reflect on what we wanted this edition to be like and one thing was clear to us: we had to go back to the origins of the Scram. This meant making a trip to the desert with inappropriate vehicles, an adventure to feel the sensations that the first pioneers/travelers felt many years ago, a trip with few comforts, with stages of many kilometers. Anything but easy.

We also decided that this year the 4x4s and sidecars could also join the motorcycle caravan for this adventure, in an edition called DESERT RATS as a tribute to those people willing to move forward and fight against adversity with all they have. Without complaints or regrets, with a spirit of camaraderie and friendship. An edition for lovers of two and four wheels with an authentic Scram Africa spirit: Audaces Fortuna Iuvat! (Fortune favors the bold!)

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