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The 20 Best Trucker Jackets for Men to Wear in 2022

The world of timeless outerwear ranges from lightweight anoraks to knee-length trench coats, but one silhouette that falls directly in between each of these garments has got to be the iconic trucker jacket. Initially geared toward the working-class, its history is a major element of what makes it so special — not to mention immensely coveted.

Whether you’re a fan of denim, suede, or some other composition, the progressive makeovers that this emblematic staple of American fashion has garnered have seen no bounds. Seeing as the trucker jacket has been around for well over a century, there is no shortage of brands that have put their own spin on the particular garment. With so many iterations of the iconic garment to choose from, we figured it was only right to compile a guide to the 20 best trucker jackets for men to buy right now across a wide range of prices. But before we get into the coats, let’s go over a bit of trucker jacket history.

A Brief History

From 1905 To Today

The trucker jacket’s origin story takes us back to the dawn of the 20th century when blue-collar outdoorsmen were in excessive need of well-engineered attire to take on their physically strenuous daily regimen. Seeing as it only garnered its long-abiding moniker of the “trucker jacket” in the mid-1980s, it’s incredible to think that this enduring figure in casual attire was once merely an essential element to get through the workday. And while its illustrious history is embraced by various subcultures and brands around the world, there is solely one label that started it all: Levi’s.

Seeing as the trucker moniker hadn’t come about yet, the heritage brand had aptly dubbed its formative trio of jackets by number, each of which has ultimately proven to be some of the most beloved archival items across all of fashion. Although you may be more familiar with Levi’s assorted variety of numbered jeans, it’s worth getting a solid basis of how each type of its jackets came to shape, too.

The Type I Levi’s Jacket: It may be difficult to distinguish one of these fashionable relics from afar, but the iconic, early 20th-century garment serves as the first iteration of the trucker jacket. Often referred to as the 506XX Jacket, it initially came equipped with a single pocket and a cinch that was rounded out with a brass buckle, the latter of which was implemented to save material for those who wore them throughout WWII.

The Type II Levi’s Jacket: Hitting the scene in 1953, the Type II Jacket offered a “modernized” take on its emblematic piece by including an additional pocket with Levi’s signature button flap closure, as well as swapping out the martingale single adjustment bar for bar tack stitching, adding immense reinforcement. Keep in mind, jeans became popular among a much different crowd following WWII, gradually becoming an integral element in the fashion zeitgeist, rather than merely being worn by blue-collar laborers.

The Type III Levi’s Jacket: To say that the 55-year old Type III Jacket has aged gracefully would be an understatement. As added trivia, it is the particular rendition that was first declared a “trucker jacket,” having been coined by connoisseurs who perused the Japanese vintage market. While the jacket’s 1967 release coincides with the Summer of Love, its additional pair of side and interior pockets weren’t added until the dawn of synth-pop, ultimately setting the benchmark for trucker jackets today. Simply put, Levi’s Type III is a cultural staple unto itself.


Uniqlo’s minimal take on the iconic silhouette serves as an ideal entry to the world of trucker jackets. It is composed of loose-fitting denim and a touch of spandex, ensuring that the Japanese label‘s option provides an additional bit of stretchiness, which is sure to come in handy. Seeing as its pair of hip pockets were added as a result of customer feedback, this garment is proof that some brands do take genuine account of what their buyers have to say.


We had no choice but to take it back where it all started in Levi’s. This particular example retains its 1967 Type III form with its welt side pockets and side hem adjusters, guaranteeing that the heritage brand cares as much about tradition as its followers do. Plus, the American-bred denim aficionados assure buyers that this classic piece is going to age with nothing short of grace as a result of natural wear and tear.


To no surprise, Levi’s fuzzy, sherpa-lined Type III was bound to appear here, as well. Here, the iconic piece is bolstered for additional warmth and is even rounded out with insulated sleeves to guarantee wearers that the heat won’t escape. For some more nostalgic appeal, the heritage brand’s fashionable Type 3 is faded and distressed from top to bottom, making for a piece that is already timeless by the time it makes it to your doorstep.


Seeing as the trucker jacket is deeply rooted in the history of American workwear, it’s only right that J.Crew’s Wallace & Barnes line of rugged, traditional essentials shined a worthy light on it. The fundamental clothiers’ garment-dyed offering is composed of cotton, polyester, and spandex courtesy of Lycra, the brand that founded the stretchy textile. Lastly, its duck canvas makeup is sure to add some durability, accounting for the fact that it was once used to craft Dutch navy uniforms.


Taylor Stitch’s cleverly-named take on the trucker jacket features fantastic details like YKK zippers and the brand’s signature SF map print pocketing. For sustainability’s sake, it is crafted from 100% organic cotton selvedge denim that doesn’t skimp on a sturdy feel. Knowing that the brand looks to admire American classics, it only makes sense for the San Francisco-bred clothiers to implement the iconic zig-zag stitching for added authenticity.


As a result of its ultra-cozy, sherpa-lined body and collar, Deus Ex Machina’s oversized garment is as comfortable as it looks. And while it’s always smart to place function over form, the Mikey Plaid Trucker is equally stylish. By implementing a workman-appropriate checkered look that the emblematic piece doesn’t receive enough, the biker-favorite brand basically forced us to include its jacket in our roundup. Rounded out with button closure and a Deus-branded enamel pin, this is a no-brainer for bikers and non-bikers alike.


Carhartt WIP’s portfolio is as formidable as they come, serving as a stylish testament to timeless workwear, which has been what its parent company has done best for well over a century. The streetwear-centric sublabel’s Stetson Jacket is sustainably composed of stone-washed, organic cotton denim that weighs in at a sturdy 13.5 ounces. For added durability, it boasts a triple-stitch composition and is finished off with a pair of adjustable cuffs to ensure the perfect fit across the board.


Even the most rugged of jackets could use a soft touch every so often, which is where this eco-cognizant brand comes into play. This garment-dyed trucker jacket is composed of a blend of hemp and recycled cotton, then lined with recycled polyester sherpa for that aforementioned softness, making you as comfortable as its designers hope the planet is. And while Outerknown is heralded for its sustainability, obtainability may be a different point of a conversation seeing as this particular color is exclusive to none other than Huckberry.


Moving on to another Huckberry-exclusive piece, we have one of the retailer’s top-selling items overall. Flint and Tinder claim that even the slightest movement you make when donning its Flannel-Lined Waxed Trucker Jacket will lighten the shade of its water-resistant waxed outer fabric, ultimately shaping up to be full of different creases and bends throughout however long you have this garment on hand. In addition to its handsome aging, the jacket boasts a soft blanket lining that keeps you remarkably warm no matter what your base layer is.


When you’re buying any denim-crafted piece from the Parisian clothiers over at A.P.C, you know you’re in good shape. The revered label’s Veste Jean is composed of a gorgeous shade of stonewashed Japanese denim that is seamlessly suitable with just about any pair of pants you have. Although its unlined composition may sway you toward a warmer option, keep in mind that it’s hard to get much more stylish than this when it comes to the unmistakable material.


This SoCal brand’s Classic Denim Jacket genuinely speaks for itself, as it pulls no unnecessary gimmicks upon paying homage to the trucker jacket in the most authentic way possible. Freenote Cloth’s use of heavyweight Japanese denim and zig-zag stitching keeps things voguish and prototypical simultaneously, managing to fuse high-end textiles with the elements that made Levi’s initial iteration so popular.


Engineered Garments has become the epitome of cool over the years, so the fact this stylish trucker jacket exists leaves us no choice but to include it on here. The New York-bred label’s Pleated Cotton Corduroy piece is equipped with a quartet of button fastenings and is smooth to the touch. Whether you’re looking to keep your fashion up to date or simply appreciate well-crafted products, then you can’t go wrong with this neutral-colored option.


Filson is often a brand that can do no wrong as it is, so it comes as no surprise that its Americana-abiding jacket doesn’t disappoint in any way, shape, or form. The Washington-based heritage label’s Lined Denim Cruiser Jacket is composed of sturdy, preshrunk raw denim and rounded out with a chic corduroy-lined collar. As added trivia, this is not Filson’s first take on the iconic silhouette, as it serves as a new iteration of an archival garment that dates back all the way back to 1914.


ALLSAINTS is adept at crafting top-notch garments across the board, and its Zen falls right in line. By fusing chrome-free suede and denim to deliver on an incredibly stylish piece, the blend of textiles makes for a unique tribute to the trucker jacket’s roots while adding a significant, voluptuous touch that one would be remiss to ignore. Plus, its recycled lining provides a good insight as to what you can expect from the British retailer’s commitment to being environmentally conscious.


Diving even deeper into luxury territory, Nudie Jeans’ Robby piece is crafted from nothing but deep-brown goat suede. The handsome jacket’s lining is composed of polyester and then finished off with gold fastenings for an extra flair, as if it didn’t already seem decadent enough. Ideally, this would be a perfect match with a blue pair of Nudie’s actual jeans if you have them on hand, but practically any pair is guaranteed to work just fine.


Drake’s touts the trucker jacket as an “enduring icon of casualwear,” and its take on it is arguably as stylish as they come. The East London-based fashion house knows its way around crafting just about anything with an enhanced bit of luxury, so it’s plain to see why its Japanese Selvedge Corduroy option appears among the pantheon of loftier options. Designed to look short and fit slim, this sturdy piece is also embellished with a roughout suede wristband, which has seemingly become the brand’s unofficial signature.


There’s little room for error when you’re perusing Buck Mason’s catalog, from its minimalist, heavy-duty t-shirts to its sleek take on the trucker jacket. The LA-bred label’s Rambler Suede Trucker is composed of a substantial, full-grain cow suede derived from New Zealand. What makes this particularly unique is its intricate, two-part tanning process, which starts with a dye bath and is finished off with a topical dye application on its beautifully-aging exterior.


If you’re on the lookout for a top-notch sherpa-lined option, this is the unanimous cream of the crop. Schott’s Buffalo Leather trucker jacket is genuinely so smooth that it almost feels like you can feel it just by looking at it, and we haven’t even begun to mention just how warm it is too. As its name suggests, the brand’s robust article of outerwear is crafted from sumptuous buffalo leather, lined with insulated pile fleece, and then rounded out with a sheepskin collar, all of which come together to craft a jacket appropriate to take on anything from the hottest bar in town to a cabin getaway.


If you’re in search of a trucker jacket with some unabashed flair, then Todd Snyder has what you’re looking for. The designer’s Dylan Jacket is not only composed of buttery smooth suede, but it comes available in a myriad of colors that are sure to adhere to anybody’s wardrobe. Putting a luxe, modern take on iconic menswear staples is what the New York designer has come to do best, and this Italian-made option is indicative of just how much innovation Snyder can squeeze out of something so timeless.


Standing out amongst the vast crowd of trucker jackets is a California-bred brand that’s been doing it justice since 1922. Golden Bear’s luxurious trucker jacket is meticulously handmade using distressed Cowhide leather. For an added touch of opulence, it’s lined with wool throughout the body and satin acetate on both sleeves, coming together to make for a trio of envy-inducing, top-of-the-line textiles. Sticking to its roots, The Holden’s snap front, pair of chest pockets, and zig-zag topstitching are merely some of the timeless elements that this piece has to offer.



While we already shined a light on Levi’s sherpa-lined Type III, it would be inexcusable to round this list out with anything but a trucker jacket of old. This particular one is composed of rugged raw denim and stems from the late sixties, serving as an authentic archival piece equipped with a slim-fit and meticulous styling that still serves as the benchmark for this entire branch of outerwear.

Author: Yoni Yardeni

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