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Waxed jackets are classic cool, ultra durable, cheaper than leather and more tear resistant too, making for an essential outerwear item that every guy needs in his closet. It ages well and looks great, and to many it symbolizes the rugged toughness of America's forebears. After many, many jackets and videos, I've listed the best waxed jackets for any purpose

1. Best Overall: Tom Beckbe's Tensaw:

2. Coolest: Rogue Territory's Supply:

3. Second coolest: Freenote Cloth's Riders:

4. Best value: Flint and Tinder's Trucker:

5. Second best value: Iron and Resin: (more jackets:

6. Cheapest waxed jacket: Taylor Stitch's Long Haul:

7. Thickest: Ship John Wills:

8. Honorable mention which is sold out most places: Tanuki Yoroi: (shop around elsewhere:

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