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The Anti-Everything Rifle

Adopted by Ukrainian forces in 2020, the Snipex Alligator is a Ukrainian anti-materiel rifle capable of destroying fortified positions, vehicles, aircraft, and probably dinosaurs.

This 6-1/2-foot, 55-pound behemoth was not designed to be used as an anti-personnel rifle, but it would most likely anti-the-ever-living-fuck out of any personnel it hit. Even Superman.

Speaking of the round, the 14.5x114mm cartridge fired by the Alligator is a veritable beast. Initially designed as an anti-tank round for World War II-era Soviet weapons, it can accommodate a 59- to 66-gram projectile capable of traveling at nearly 3,300 feet per second. And it makes more common big boy rounds like the .50 and 12.7 look unimpressive by comparison. In other words, if you’re a .50-cal, the 14.5 is the guy your girlfriend tells you not to worry about.

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