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The Best Non-Po’boy Sandwich in New Orleans

Isaac Toups, olive fanatic and owner of Toups Meatery, teaches us how he makes an iconic New Orleans sandwich — and it's not a po' boy.

Meet the muffuletta, a sandwich that requires sesame bread, olives, cheese, and Italian meats. It's perfect for breakfast, lunch, or a hangover.

Toups takes us through some of the sandwich's history and roots, his thoughts on serving it up toasted, and how critical it is to get good ingredients for this one.

He also asks some of the more important life questions most of us probably wonder, like, "Are there bars in hell?" and "What beer do they serve?"

Remember, this sandwich doesn't need to look pretty. It just needs to taste good. So make this sandwich, stand over your counter or garbage can, and sip some Lambrusco straight from the bottle while chowing down.

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