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The Last 5 Selvedge Jeans I'll Ever Need

Sorry the audio sucks on this one, the microphone broke! This is just a fun video unboxing 5 free pairs of jeans I scored from some really cool brands.

I'm telling myself that I won't need any more jeans after this! Here are the products if you're interested:

Tanuki x Oni Secret Denim:

Raleigh's Nihon Menpu

Kato's Scissor Tapered Black Raw

Shockoe Atelier's Stonewashed Black:

Pure Blue Japan x Okayama Denim:

That article about Brad Pitt's jeans:

00:00 Intro

01:12 Tanuki x Oni (Secret Denim 21.5oz)

03:29 Raleigh Denim's (Nihon Menpu)

05:17 Hiroshi Kato (Black Raw 10.5oz)

07:39 Shockoe Atelier (Stonewashed Black)

09:33 Pure Blue Japan x Okayama Denim (Kakishibu Super Rough)

11:05 Wrapping Up

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