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The Path to the 75th Ranger Regiment

Every great journey begins with taking that first step. Step onto the path to becoming a U.S. Army Ranger here.

In the U.S. Army? Send your SRB to from a .mil account with a brief summary of what you want to do in the 75th Ranger Regiment.

In Advanced Individual Training? Talk to your Drill Sergeant, go to your AIT's 75th Ranger Regiment LNO, or send an email to Not in the U.S. Army? Talk to your local U.S. Army Recruiter and ask about obtaining an Option 40 contract.

No Option 40 contract available? No problem: you can volunteer for RASP 1 while in AIT or if you have the Basic Airborne Course in your contract - you can volunteer while you're in Airborne School!

Rangers Lead the Way!

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