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The Story of the 2nd Ranger Company

Before the Ranger Creed...

Before the Ranger Charters...

There existed Rangers: rough men who stood up when their country needed them, who volunteered for the most dangerous missions, and who met their enemies eagerly and with ill-intent.

This is the story of 2nd Ranger Company From 1950-1951, the Buffalo Rangers, the Army's first and only all-black Ranger company, lived up to their name by overcoming blistering cold weather and a severe lack of proper clothing and equipment to fight and win some of the toughest battles in the Korean War. The original Airborne Rangers, they were the first Ranger unit to parachute into combat during Operation: TOMAHAWK.

This historic jump, along with their grit, determination, and refusal to be defeated by challenging situations, forever cemented their legacy and established a blueprint for combat excellence for all future Rangers to emulate

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