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This $150 Denim Jacket Is A Must-Have Men’s Wardrobe Staple

Updated: May 29, 2021

A denim jacket is one of the most important pieces of clothing a man can own. Why? Because it’s the perfect piece of clothing for those weird in between months like Smarch. But seriously, it’s the jacket you want when the weather is not quite hot or cold. It replaces the leather jacket and still looks very smart with jeans, chinos, a shirt or t-shirt.

The 3301 G-Star denim jacket is by far one of the best denim jackets we’ve seen this season. Not only for it’s tailored but it’s spot on blue wash. They’ve created a well loved looking jacket without unnecessary rips and tears. The denim is easily wearable and it comes in lighter and darker washes too. 

The 3301 Slim Jacket is cut from indigo denim with classic, 3X1 right hand twill construction, it features mid-weight denim, dry hand-feel and is 100% cotton.

At $150 USD ($220 AUD), this denim jacket is a dead set bargain. 


New Medium Aged

Light Aged

Author: Luc Wiesman

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