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Trucker Jacket Brands That Will Add Manly Ruggedness To Any Style

Updated: May 27, 2021

Schwarzenegger once famously entered a roadside diner and demanded a man’s clothes, boots and motorcycle. He wasn’t trying to save the world. He was just after the man’s trucker jacket.

As a staple piece in every modern luxury label today, we’re giving you some insight into the origins of the trucker jacket, what makes a good one and who’s doing it right in the current menswear scene.

Partly a piece of Americana, partly utility wear, the trucker jacket has evolved from gritty working-class outerwear to an insider high-street staple. The origins of the trucker are hotly contested (although most armchair historians will tell you Levi’s started the party) but it seems now that everyone is happy to create their own rendition of this iconic piece of American outerwear.

The linking features are sturdy materials, a spread collar, and external flap chest pockets – the sky is pretty much the limit for the rest.

Trucker Jackets


CMMN SWDN Trucker Jacket

A luxury interpretation of the classic trucker, this CMMN SWDN jacket is made from pure leather with satin lining. It’s the sort of fiercely-guarded investment piece that’ll stay with you for years – if you’ve got the bones to buy one in the first place.

Alexander McQueen

McQueen Trucker Jacket

A tasteful alternative to the usual skull-and-crossbones Alexander McQueen fare, this shearling-trimmed trucker jacket pays homage to 70’s menswear in all its macho glory. Pair this with a gritty handlebar moustache, blue jeans, and aviators to cap off the look.

Richard James

Richard James Trucker Jacket

Richard James is normally known for premium British tailoring, but this navy trucker jacket demonstrates he’s not afraid to try something different. In a versatile subdued navy, this suede jacket is a perfect addition to a white tee and chinos look. Made in the UK, it’s the jacket you need if the normal roster of brands doesn’t do it for you.


Valstar Trucker Jacket

Made from premium suede in a bold petrol blue, this Valstar trucker is for someone that wants to combine rugged outerwear with more contemporary ingredients. It’s not the cheapest bit of kit on the market, but Valstar aren’t shy of making you pay for the privilege to make an impression.


Gucci Trucker Jacket

It’s no surprise Gucci do workwear and it’s no surprise that they do it well. This embroidered trucker combines vintage style with the bold details you’ve learned to expect in every piece of Gucci kit, combining army khaki with faux shearling and a pretty adorable embroidered pig and (somehow) making it work.


Ksubi Trucker Jacket

Every now and then you’ll want to dress down, and a trucker jacket’s never a bad place to start. This Ksubi denim piece is made from cotton in a faded pale blue, and features multiple pocket styles and a bulky, oversized cut. Pair it with a contrasting tee and jeans (not ripped) and sneakers, or layer it with a hoodie to keep the cold at bay during winter.


ASOS Trucker Jacket

It’s never been easier to achieve good style on a budget, and ASOS have been a huge part of that equation. This suede trucker will let you access a bit of the old school on a budget. Made from 100% leather in a regular fit, this can be worn layered or on its own with a simple tee.


Levis Trucker Jacket

By the brand that started it all. Featuring multiple pockets, retro sherpa trimming, and corduroy fabric, this rugged trucker jacket reminds us why Levi’s are always ahead of the game. Combine with dark denim and a white tee for pared back, timeless style.

ACNE Studios

ACNE Studios Trucker Jacket

Acne have never been afraid of putting their own spin on the classics. This trucker reminds us of a vintage Levis trucker you’d see hiding at the back of an op shop, with the addition of some cheeky gum splatters to remind us that nothing in the Acne world is off limits.


Amiri Trucker Jacket

Every guy secretly wishes he was a badass on a Harley, and Amiri damn well know it. This biker-inspired trucker is American made from 100% cotton, featuring a slightly cropped cut in a minimalist jet black that’ll have you looking like the Sons of Anarchy wannabe you’ve always aspired to be.

Author: D'Marge

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