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Trucker Jacket Celebrates 50 years with Wee Yoong

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

"King of Denim" - Chin Wee Yoong

It was love at first sight when Wee Yoong got his first pair jeans from the flea markets in Singapore where he was studying. He went on to collect denim from bundle shops across Asia and even dedicated five years of his time in Thailand, collecting and selling vintage denim. He became so well known that bundle shop owners all over the region would go to him to determine the right value of the denim. Now based in Johor Bahru, he runs his own interior design agency, creating on-of-a-kind furniture as well as providing consultation to shop owners who are into raw, industrial designs. To Wee Yoong, each piece of denim tells the time and memories attached to the previous owners.

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