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Type 1 vs Type 2 vs Type 3 Denim Jackets

A sturdy denim jacket is an essential part of a guy's wardrobe — my preference is to wear them with black jeans or duck canvas pants so it doesn't look too Canadian tuxedo-y, but you do you — and if you've started looking into nabbing yourself a denim jacket you've definitely come across the various *types* that you can buy.

It begs the question: which type is best for you? If you're really into vintage style then the boxy type 1 (the first to be created) might fit the bill, but if you're after a more modern fit then you might prefer one of the others. David at Son of a Stag helped me explore all the kinds of jackets and their history at Son of a Stag — after this video, you won't wonder anymore which is the perfect denim jacket for you.

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