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Vickers Guide: 1911 Vol 1 & Vol 2

The 1911 is the quill which has written American Foreign Policy for nearly 100 years.

We're proud to introduce the Second Edition of the Vickers Guide: 1911 Coffee Table Book.

This brand new Second Edition is now broken up into two unique Volumes which contain tons of great new content and feature four times as many pistols and almost five times as many photographs as the First Edition. Volume 1 focuses on the early days of the 1911 through the two World Wars and into the modern military and law enforcement iterations of the pistol, while Volume 2 concentrates on the development of the customized 1911.

Considering the original book was so well received, we knew we had to go above and beyond with this Second Edition, and these books are definitely a must-own for any fans of the 1911.

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