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Why Is The Huckberry Waxed Trucker Jacket So Popular?

Are you looking for Joel Miller's jacket in the Last of Us? Are you looking for Pedro Pascal's jacket in the last of us? Well look no further! Hey did you know I'm sponsored by Huckberry? HA! Anyways today we are looking at Huckberry's flannel lined waxed trucker jacket. I'm giving it the full treatment. So, is it the best waxed jacket? Well, depends on if you factor in price or not. I would say it's one of the best jackets you can get for the Fall! It's Autumn time baby!

The Iron Snail is a men’s fashion vlog starring a young man named Michael and featuring a snail no bigger than a quarter. The two are set on taking over the world of fashion by creating a clothing line to end all clothing lines. Until then, we’re here to tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about the best clothing out there, from the highest quality raw denim jeans to the warmest jacket to the sturdiest boots…the Iron Snail has got you covered. (written by Taylor, though Michael is sometimes known to talk about himself in the third person… xoxo)

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