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100% Cotton Denim Trucker Jacket

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Note: Images are large

When people think about Martin Sheen in Badlands (1973) they always remember him throwing on a pleated denim blouse over his head while leaving a farm laboring job, crisp white t shirt and heavy denim jeans. The speed of the flick is extraordinary for such a slim fitting jacket - the cut of this 100% cotton denim Trucker Jacket is in that vein.

The arms are not for cross-fitters or Ron Burgundy aspirants who curl a thousand reps at the office. The cut is a classic styled Trucker Jacket, front breast pockets, slightly widened V-shaped pleating and side hand warmer pockets. A perfect jacket to be worn by itself, or as a layer under a heavier winter coat which can be hung while entering the local bar.

The wash is classic medium wash, buttons pronounced but not a distraction from the overall aesthetic. Picture attached showing the construction of the denim, definitely a Open End Denim, more on that here:


Priced right this is an extremely accessible jacket, you could even gift this under a modest stealing Santa or Chris-cringle arrangement. A interest free payment plan is available via Afterpay.

With 100% Cotton Denim the Trucker Jacket also is fully recyclable at the end of its life.

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