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Open End Denim

What does Open End Denim mean?

The most common type of denim, the technical meaning refers to the yarn used to weave the denim. A fairly new technique, the process was developed since it was more economical and resulted in a more consistent yarn thickness. However, much slubby character and texture is lost since it the end-result is so refined.

Heddels explains Open End Denim

Less expensive than ring-spun denim, open end denim “mock twists” the fibers by pressing them into shape. This type of denim tends to have a fuzzy appearance. It was developed in the 1970s as a cheaper way to produce denim and was quickly adopted by many manufacturers.

Today, however, it is considered to be of lower quality than the original ring-spun or ring-ring denim. While open end denim may not have as much personality as other forms of denim, it is said to create stronger, more durable jeans that are an excellent and economical choice for work wear.

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