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12oz Dobby Cloth/Sashiko Work Shirt

Adam takes a closer look at our new 12oz dobby cloth work shirt, marking the first time we've ever incorporated a Sashiko-style stitch within a weave.

👕: 12oz Dobby Cloth Work Shirt - Indigo (IHSH-380-IND) Dating back to the 17th century, Sashiko is a traditional form of Japanese folk embroidery used for both decorative and functional reinforcement of fabrics.

With a translation meaning “little stabs”, the technique involves a running stitch which creates aesthetically pleasing geometric patterns in a piece of cloth, simultaneously reinforcing the weave for added durability. When intertwined with our heavyweight dobby cloth, the result is an incredibly intricate weave with a deeply textured, yet soft and pliable hand. A fabric full of character, the warp and weft threads are indigo rope dyed - meaning that the colour will fade with wear and washing - Sashiko thread is reactive dyed and won’t fade.

For more information, visit the Iron Heart website:

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