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Can Our Merino Wool T-Shirt Handle Tasmania’s Most Rugged Challenges?

Shop the 72 Hour Merino Collection on Huckberry:

After seven years of perfecting our 72-Hour Merino T-Shirt, we decided it was time to challenge its limits like never before—and that meant going straight to the source: Tasmania, Australia. It's home to the family-run sheep farm where the legendary Merino wool for our shirts is created. Along for the ride was Sunny Chang, PROOF Senior Apparel Designer, and our very own Brand Marketing VP, Ben O’Meara. After some wool-on-wool time with the flock, they hit the trails to test our shirt’s mettle on a three-day journey through its own backyard. After 72 hours of non-stop wear through sun, wind, sea spray, and a brutal climb, let’s just say it over-delivered at every turn.

Thanks to our friends at @TheWoolmarkCompany for having us out in Tasmania, Australia.

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