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Episode 1: Tracks In The Sand

Dive into the heart of the desert with the Harley-Davidson Pan America & Joan Pedrero—A five-part series where endurance, machine, and spirit are put to the ultimate test in the 2024 Africa Eco Race.​ ​

Witness the journey of elite Dakar rider Joan Pedrero as he defies the odds aboard his Harley‑Davidson Pan America 1250.

Unlike his rivals on their lighter race-prepared bikes, Pedrero takes on the challenge with an almost fully stock machine, pushing the limits of what's possible.​ ​

Will his heavyweight contender withstand the relentless desert and outmaneuver the fleet-footed competition?

In Episode 1, Joan Pedrero reflects on past Dakar races as he gears up for the grueling Africa Eco Race, a daunting challenge that spans over 6,000 kilometers of the world's most treacherous terrains.

2024 Harley-Davidson Pan America Adventure Touring Motorcycles ➡️

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