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Fuel Sergeant 2 Trousers Review

The best just got better. The blend of quality materials and iconic looks made the original Fuel Sergeants our best selling riding trouser year after year. The Sergeant 2 improves things further, achieving AAA CE certification; the highest level attainable for protective riding gear and reducing the trouser to a single layer format. The trousers are now constructed from an advanced single-layer Fuel 3CORE® fabric - an exclusive new material that has spent the last two years being honed in the lab. The end result is supreme levels of abrasion resistance in a fabric that is extremely lightweight with UV resistant qualities.

The style hasn’t changed one bit - the same luxury suede detailing, stretch accordion panels, and quilted stitch is present. Available in the same four colours as their predecessor, the Fuel Sergeant 2 Trousers are a vast improvement on an already pretty phenomenal pair of riding pants - a guaranteed winner.

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