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Do I need a Trucker Jacket? 2023

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

“There are few wardrobe staples more badass and just darn easy to pull off than the Trucker Jacket.”

“As a tough, lightweight material, denim has clothed labourers for decades. But in the 1950s, its perception changed and the jacket hit stylistic heights largely thanks to the James Dean effect. Since then, the Trucker Jacket has kept its irreverent cool.”

"Because you can never really have too many."

"Whether you want to channel punk style, a biker aesthetic, a prim-and-proper Americana look, or just get a piece of outerwear that'll carry you between events and seasons with a spot of elevated flair, the humble denim jacket is one of the all-time go-tos for stylish men"

“Your t-shirts will magically turn into outfits, your work clothes will appear cooler by association, and your collection of cool pants will finally get the partner in crime they deserve. Honestly, it’s probably the most important purchase you’ll make all year”

“While there might be a number of timeless staples that have helped to define a guy’s style over the past century, few can hold a candle to the Trucker Jacket.”

“The Trucker Jacket made its debut well over 50 years ago, and since then, it’s become synonymous with many a man’s well-rounded wardrobe.”

“The Trucker Jacket has been an American fashion staple for well over 100 years. What started as a workwear necessity has evolved slowly into a fashion staple that’s defined the look of cowboys, punks, surfers, and all-American attire over the decades.”

"Trucker Jackets are as iconic as it gets. They’ve been featured in many a lifestyle photoshoot, donned, and styled alongside today’s most prominent clothing releases, and they’ve found an interesting niche that allows them to transcend the generations."

“Why is a classic Trucker Jacket as popular today as it was when it made its first appearance in the 1960s? Simple. They’re cool, reliable, and last longer than most relationships.”

“A Trucker Jacket is the quintessential “cool” piece that men have coveted for years. Originally limited to shades of blue, now trucker jackets come in styles like patchwork, distressed, or raw hemmed, so it’s no exaggeration when we say there’s one out there for everyone”

“Every guy needs a handful of pieces on which he can always rely to make him look good, no matter what. This includes a trusty white sneaker, a perfectly fitted t-shirt and a versatile denim jacket”

“Indicative of timeless design, and regarded worlds over as the staple of all staples, the denim jacket is an unwavering style icon, and foundational to the wardrobes of the world’s best-dressed.”

“Much like the iconic MA-1 bomber jacket, the denim jacket spans a seemingly infinite number of style strata, used in both an auxiliary capacity, and as the standout piece”

“The Trucker Jacket is a true American icon. Introduced by Levis Strauss, this outerwear staple has been around for more than 100 years. And while the words “trucker jacket” most likely bring blue jean denim to mind, it has grown far more diverse in make-up and appearance since it first dressed the torsos of cowboys and railroad workers at the end of the 19th century.”

“Forget dogs – a great denim jacket truly is a man's best friend.”

“You are very cool. You have great taste in music, detailed knowledge of many things, maybe even a nice car. But no matter how cool you already think you are, if you don’t own a Trucker Jacket, I hate to inform you that you are not as cool as you could be”

"The jean jacket (as its founding fathers call it in US) has, like a lot of workwear staples, gone from being a beat-up old-reliable of menswear to a go-to for more dress codes than you’d imagine"

“Trucker Jackets have stood the test of time, breaking industrial barriers and making its way onto the high-fashion scene. From being a beat-up piece of clothing, it has transformed into one of the hottest items on the market.”

“Rugged, versatile and eternally stylish. Its a piece of kit that no discerning gent should be without”

“Trim enough to be worn beneath an overcoat or parka, yet sturdy enough to be used as a standalone layer in the transitional months, this blue collar staple is about as versatile as a garment can be”

“It should be considered an investment piece, purely due to how much use you will get from one”

“When he knows how to wear it, a denim jean jacket can be one of the most powerful weapons in a man’s sartorial arsenal. A heavy-duty workhorse that can be teamed with anything from tailoring to trainers and a hoodie, it’s one of the most versatile pieces of outerwear there is.”

“As a staple piece in every modern luxury label today, we’re giving you some insight into the origins of the Trucker Jacket, what makes a good one and who’s doing it right in the current menswear scene.”

“For all the jackets that might be taking up space in your closet, we’re willing to bet that there isn’t one that combines the rugged durability and versatile appeal of the Trucker Jacket.”

“Levi’s debuted the first denim jacket around 1880, but it wasn’t until the 1960s that the iconic Trucker – or Type III, to vintage denim aficionados – Jacket was introduced. The denim trucker jacket denotes effortless cool and a certain disregard for authority. And it’s been through just about every style iteration. Patched and safety-pinned. With sleeves, or without. Sherpa-lined or plain. Dressed up or down.”

“A Trucker Jacket is the quintessential “cool” piece that men have coveted for years. Originally limited to shades of blue, now trucker jackets come in styles like patchwork, distressed, or raw hemmed, so it’s no exaggeration when we say there’s one out there for everyone”

“If, like us, you like a jacket that is built to last but maintains a stylish aesthetic then you’ll probably be partial to a Trucker Jacket too”

"When we talk about the best jackets for fall, there’s a style we find ourselves reaching for over and over … and over. We’re talking about a silhouette that looks as cool and tough now as it did when it first hit the market: the Trucker Jacket."

"Originally built for durability on the road, and becoming a style icon in the '60s, men's trucker jackets are the ultimate in durable, uniquely American outerwear."

"Though a waxed canvas trucker jacket is slightly

anachronistic, it does something that a load

of synthetic weatherproof fibers just won't do:

Look damn good while you wear it"

"Are Trucker Jackets in Style? The straight answer is "Yes""

"Trucker Style Jackets is counted among those few fashions that have been widely adopted by various generations (baby boomers, generation X, millennial) over several decades"

"While Proenza Schouler, Valentino, and Rachel Comey may have all sent their own trendy iterations down the fall 2015 runways, the denim jacket had already been trending for, oh, just 130 years or so"

"I always think, in 20 years from now I want to look at photos and not be embarrassed about what I am wearing - the Trucker Jacket fits perfectly in that"

"The big advantage of a jean jacket — and much of the reason for its enduring popularity — is that it's useful for most of the year. Light enough to wear on a warm spring day but warm enough to get you through the coolest parts of fall. Denim jackets fall under the header of “three-season” wear"

"Menswear has evolved over the centuries, but whatever happens in the next hundred years, we can promise you one thing: the ‘Trucker’ shape will never go out of style."

"Loved by celebrities and working class alike, the Trucker has lasting universal appeal. This is mostly down to versatility and durability, but also straight-up cool factor"

"First, the pandemic and subsequent economic crisis are causing changes in consumer preferences. Consumers want value and values, which does not necessarily mean consumers will trade down. The pandemic is convincing more and more people, especially young people, that it's better to buy fewer, more versatile, higher-quality products of value, items the consumer can imagine wearing for years like a Trucker Jacket before handing it down to their grandchildren.”

“The Trucker code that Levis introduced in the ’60s at the height of the hippie heyday was basically a throwback to the denim bond jacket style that the working and sharecropper class has been wearing for decades”

"Hippies aimed to be “salt of the earth” with their communes and community farms, but for black sharecroppers, the style was a function of poverty, not fashion — it could not be so easily removed. But the look hit the mainstream, and soon every high school kid and suburban dad was wearing the style"

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