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Health, Longevity, and Superaging

The “CrossFit Silvers” class is just like any other class at CrossFit Glasgow: full of people working hard, having fun, and making themselves better. Except there’s a bit more gray hair in this class than in others. “It offers just what CrossFit offers: strength and conditioning,” says Vivian Henry, CrossFit Glasgow general manager and coach, of the class geared toward folks 55 and older.

“It’s just tuned into their needs, and it creates a community.” The affiliate started the CrossFit Silvers class about five years ago, and it’s helping members stay strong and agile enough to enjoy all the things life has to offer — whether that’s wakesurfing and keeping up with an 8-year-old son, as it is for 56-year-old Raymond Colquhoun, or simply enjoy the outdoors, as Cindy Wallis does.

“I don’t want to be struggling every day to get up and move,” says Wallis, who was recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis. “I want to be able to get up off the floor if I fall, or do my gardening, get out for a walk if I choose, be able to climb a hill.” That’s exactly what CrossFit Silvers is designed for, says affiliate owner Gavin Heselton. “CrossFit is intended to be a hedge to stave off sickness and injury,” he says.

“All of this work that we’re doing here in the affiliate is (to) help any adult to maintain capacity into late life.” It’s working for Wallis. “CrossFit has enabled me to live my life to the full, it has helped me do things that I never believed I could do,” she says. And it’s something anyone — of any age — can experience. “Do you want to live longer? Do you want to feel better? Do you want to look good?” Henry asks. “CrossFit.”

CrossFit, LLC is the owner of the world-famous CrossFit® fitness brand. In the 20 years since its founding, CrossFit has grown from a garage gym in Santa Cruz, California, into the world's most popular and effective training program for improving health and performance. CrossFit, LLC is the leading provider of accredited, performance-based training courses and certifications and has more than 125,000 credentialed coaches worldwide. The CrossFit program can be scaled to welcome people of all ages and abilities, and millions of people have already experienced CrossFit's transformational benefits in more than 13,000 affiliated gyms across 155 countries. CrossFit, LLC also directs the CrossFit Games season, the world’s largest participatory sporting event, which, in 2023, had over 320,000 participants from over 180 countries who all competed for the title of Fittest on Earth®.

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