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How To Style a Denim Jacket

Hey sorry Taylor Stitch has totally sold out of their denim long haul jackets, maybe they'll be back? They live here:

Other good denim jackets I mention - under $200: Tellason's Stock Jean Jacket:

Thursday's selvedge trucker jacket:

Under $300, Naked & Famous:

I'm wearing Thursday's denim trucker jacket, Oni's secret denim jacket (the greener one), and Tanuki's type 2 jacket (their amagumo fabric). The last two are hard to find, and Oni's doesn't have hand pockets so I just sold it yesterday! --- Denim jackets are as formal as denim jeans, which is to say they're not formal at all BUT they can help to elevate a casual outfit and make you look more put together.

A couple of years ago I had no clue how to wear one but now I like them a lot — when I'm not wearing blue jeans!

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