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Johnnie's Italian Beef Chicago, IL

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

With how ubiquitous Italian beef sandwiches are in Chicago, it's hard to pick just one. But the line outside Johnnie's Beef and its #1 rankings on several best lists are a good indication that this spot is one of the Windy City's favorites. According to Eater, Johnnie's Italian beef sandwich is considered by many to be the "shining standard that others strive to achieve." Other publications, customers, and critics agree for several reasons. The meat is well-seasoned with an array of secret spices. It's sliced thin and accompanied by either sweet peppers or giardiniera loaded with crunchy carrots, celery, and chiles. Customers who order it dipped get a generous helping of gravy that's sure to be absorbed by the plush French bread holding all that beefy goodness together.

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