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ONI’s Denim 02516P-DIZR Is a Type II With Hand Pockets

Let me just say that the Levi’s Type II Denim jacket is a masterpiece. Hot take right? But if you’re lucky enough to test drive one, you may find a discrepancy between expectation and reality. The cut is what cardboard boxes were inspired by and the lack of lower pockets means you’ll have to get used to dropping your valuables as you slip them into pockets that don’t exist. That’s if hypothermia hasn’t taken your hands yet.

Thankfully, ONI Denim‘s DIZR Dark Indigo Secret Denim 20 oz. Type II Jacket is here to answer the prayers I’ve more than likely just made up. Made from ONI’s revered ‘Secret Denim’, the darling in the denim community, this specific variation features a darker indigo warp and lighter beige weft which translates to faster, higher contrast fades. Let alone the rough, slubby feel that can’t be beat.

And as for the main event, drum roll please, ONI has raised the chest pockets, elongated the body length, and added some hand-warmer waist pockets that look so good, you’ll wonder why originals never had them. Do I mean that or am I trolling? Either way, don’t forget, the original was made in a time when form followed function and if that function changes, so too must any piece in question.

Available for $337 ($303.30 for Heddels Plus Type 2 members) from Redcast Heritage

Author: Ben Keefe

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