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Sugar Cane Issues A Neppy Type 1 Denim Blouson

Sugar Cane is living up to its name with its Satokibi Awa Indigo Mixed 13 oz. Denim Blouson, made from 70% cotton and 30% sugar cane.

From an aesthetic standpoint, it stays true to the Levis Type I design popular in the early 20th century featuring; a single flap chest pocket, pleats running adjacent to the button placket, and a cinch back. This particular design is set apart by the “T back” detail, a vertical center seam combining two back panels which were only found in larger-sized original examples.

However, it’s the Awa natural indigo that is the star of the show here, which when paired with navy sewing thread, results in a stealthy indigo pallet that allows the neps in this sugar cane-infused fabric to shine. Finished off with yellow interior thread, intricate discharge printed pocket lining, and an indigo-dyed leather patch, Sugar Cane has crushed it with this piece.

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