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The 12 Best Sherpa Jackets For Men

Updated: May 25, 2021

In less than a week, it will officially be winter. Of course, the mercury has been steadily dropping for a while now. That probably means, especially if you spend any time outside, you’ve packed away your shorts and t-shirts in favor of thicker, warmer clothing. However, if you’re in need of a stylish and new winter-ready jacket, you might want to consider picking up a classic Sherpa jacket to keep you warm and cozy.

While the term “Sherpa” does originate from the indigenous Himalayan people, the modern definition comes from the fashion world — describing a thick, deep-pile polyester fleece that serves as a lightweight-yet-toasty alternative to sheep’s wool. Typical wear for blue-collar workers, this material has also found renewed popularity in the style world — sometimes found as a liner on denim jackets and other times used as the primary internal and/or external fabric of a coat. Whichever style you prefer, you’ll find the perfect pick for you on our collection of the 12 best sherpa jackets for men.

Wrangler Sherpa-Lined Corduroy

Interestingly, this Wrangler sherpa jacket isn’t a denim coat lined with high-pile fleece. Rather, it features a stylish corduroy exterior boasting plenty of character. Of course, that pairs with a classic Western trucker-style silhouette, an interesting gunmetal gray colorway, and sherpa lining across the entirety of the collar — all coming together for a cowboy-inspired look that’s 100% all-American.

L.L. Bean Hi-Pile Fleece

Back in 1990, a group of explorers summited the tallest mountain in the world for the Mount Everest International Peace Climb — and one American was photographed wearing a thick L.L. Bean sherpa jacket. Obsessed with that image, the brand’s designers set out to recreated it and ended up with the Hi-Pile Fleece you see before you. Available in eight different colors, this super-soft jacket is perfect for those that appreciate retro styling, plenty of warmth, and L.L. Bean’s signature quality.

Kuhl Burr

A modern minimalist spin on the classic sherpa-lined trucker jacket, the Kuhl Burr takes numerous elements from its predecessors and pares them into a much sleeker end-result. Along with its unique appearance, this reinterpretation also boasts an Italian Berber fleece lining, a combed 100% cotton ottoman weave, and is available in any of four earthy tones that are subtly handsome across-the-board. Plus, the internal zippered security pocket is perfect for your sensitive EDC items.

Alex Mill Sherpa Fleece

Inspired directly by traditional expedition jackets, the Alex Mill Sherpa Fleece is marked by a hi-pile polyester sherpa exterior and a full microfleece lining for warmth and comfort with a bit more room to breathe. Available in a trio of smart-looking colors, this jacket is the perfect outerwear whether you’re in a major metropolis or you’ve gone for a jaunt out in the woods for a secluded winter weekend.

Filson Sherpa Fleece

It should come as no surprise that Filson, one of the USA’s all-time best heritage outdoor brands, has crafted one of the most exceptional sherpa jackets in their aptly-named Sherpa Fleece. It’s crafted using Polartec Thermal Pro polyester fleece for an utterly-warm, incredibly lightweight style essential that also happens to be handily machine-washable. Whether you need a warm and soft internal layer for a long day out on the ranch or you just need something to keep you toasty while you go grab something out of your car, you can’t go wrong with this Filson offering.

Levi’s Sherpa-Lined Faux Suede Trucker

Like Wrangler and Filson, Levi’s is a veritable shoo-in when it comes to the best sherpa jackets — as evidenced by their Sherpa-Lined Faux Suede Trucker Jacket you see before you. It might come as a surprise, but this jacket is actually made from 100% polyester — meaning it doesn’t have a denim exterior. What that does mean, besides the obvious warmth provided by the sherpa lining, is that the exterior is both durable and sleek, it’s completely machine-washable, and it’s a touch more unique than much of its competition.

Topman Tan Tape Borg

If you’re drawn to the look of WWII pilots, then the Topman Tan Tape Borg sherpa jacket is sure to catch your eye, as it looks quite a bit like the aviator coats worn back in the 1940s. That’s aided by its two-tone brown and tan colorway, lined collar and cuffs, and sturdy center zipper. A departure from the all-fleece and denim options that are so common on the market, this alternative shines for its individuality.

Topo Designs Sherpa

For those that are in the know, it’s probably not even a remote shock to discover that the craftsmen at Topo Designs, one of our favorite outdoor apparel and gear brands, just happen to have built on of the best sherpa jackets available. Simultaneously both classic in its appearance and marked by a number of modern touches, this jacket is actually reversible — making it a good deal more stylistically versatile than any of the others on our list. And that’s going to be enough for some to set their sights squarely on this option.

Allsaints Bevin Sherpa

There’s one very distinct reason that the Allsaints Bevin Sherpa jacket is such an outstanding piece: it looks like a classic denim trucker jacket but it’s actually crafted both inside and out with polyester sherpa fleece — meaning it combines the styles of both of the most common sherpa jacket styles into one surprisingly-cohesive piece. Furthermore, if you don’t like the white option, it also comes in black and OD green.

Faherty Sherpa Stormrider

Faherty’s Sherpa Stormrider doesn’t exactly break the mold, per se, but it doesn’t really have to, since it hits all the right points. That includes an indigo-dyed canvas exterior — clearly inspired by the denim of yesteryear — a super-soft and clean sherpa lining, and insulated sleeves for cold-weather limb protection.

Sugar Cane Cord Type III

Done up with a deep blue cotton shell, a polyester sherpa lining, and a 50/50 cotton and Rayon sleeve lining, this snap-button sherpa jacket looks iconic, feels cozy warm (even on cold, windy days), and won’t weigh you down quite like denim and/or wool jackets of a similar style and format. It’s a bit pricey, but this is the kind of jacket you’ll rely on for a lifetime.

A.P.C. Bronze Wool-Blend Twill Aviator

A.P.C’s Bronze Wool-Blend Twill Aviator is definitely too expensive to be considered anything other than a Holy Grail option, but the investment will be well worth it to those who understand the value they’re getting out of this pilot-style jacket. It boasts top-level craftsmanship, exceptional materials (including genuine wool, polyester, and more), and an appearance unlike all its more budget-friendly competitors. If you’re the type who only accepts the best of the best, this is it.

Author: Sean Tirman

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