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The 5 Dumbest Things About Raw Denim

I like owning jeans that fit well and last a long time, especially when they were hard to make and embody a bit of artistry, but boy. Once you start thinking about your jeans that way, you'll find yourself in a bizarre world of antique looms, smelly jeans, and Japanese subcultures that can be pretty tough to navigate. With 5 years of making content about it under my belt, I thought it was time to air my grievances about my least favorite aspects of raw denim land.

00:00 What is the raw denim hobby?

01:08 What size is anything?

03:00 People mistreat their jeans

03:54 Washing your jeans is complicated

05:09 Brands don't talk to you

07:00 Hemming jeans is too hard

08:43 Wrapping Up

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