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The Best Denim Jackets To Add To Your Wardrobe


Whether you want to channel punk style, a biker aesthetic, a prim-and-proper Americana look, or just get a piece of outerwear that'll carry you between events and seasons with a spot of elevated flair, the humble denim jacket is one of the all-time go-tos for stylish men. It has never really fallen out of style, can be worn in about a million different ways to suit the occasion, and depending on the cut, colour and type of denim used, can look both incredibly polished or dressed way down. Truly, there are few more versatile staples you can add to your wardrobe if you haven't already.

As such, we thought we'd pull together a handy guide to some of the best denim jackets we have our eye on right now, from affordable favourites to high-fashion picks, that'll fit neatly into any rotation, whether this is your first denim jacket or your fiftieth.

The best denim jackets for men

Everlane Denim Jacket

A timeless entry from the newfound masters of well-done basics.

Levi's The Trucker Jacket

The OG from the OG, complete with a relaxed collar, button up closure, and a range of pre-distressed finishes that'll look like you've owned one for years.

Saint Laurent

The Parisian maison has always been emblematic of the crossover between rock & roll and high fashion, and as such, Saint Laurent's denim jackets are the stuff of legend.

Stussy Denim chore coat

Denim is in. So is cord. Why not combine the two for max workwear effect?

AMI Ami de Coeur denim jacket

Nothing says dressed-down Parisian chic quite like pairing a denim zip-up with tailoring, and no-one does dressed-down Parisian chic quite like AMI.

Rag & Bone

A reminder that experimentation with colour and material is never unwelcome...

Casablanca Huakai beach-print denim jacket

Nor is a truly crazy pattern (with matching pants)...

Levi's Type 3 sherpa trucker

Nor is an extra cozy lining, particularly when things turn chilly.

Uniqlo U Denim work jacket

Business in the shape, party in the fabric, care of our go-to for elevated, extremely affordable essentials.

Celine Homme oversized studded denim jacket

A studded affair from high punk master Hedi Slimane.

Outland Denim The Smith

Made by Australia's kings of sustainable denim, the Smith is made from 98% organic denim using low energy, water and waste methods. Meet your new favourite, and most eco-friendly, jacket.

Are denim jackets in style in 2021?

Yes! Both high fashion designers and streetwear brands regularly feature denim jackets in their collections, and there's always a wealth of inspiration on how to wear them, care of your favourite celebrities.

Why are denim jackets typically so short?

Denim jackets have always typically been styled to sit above the belt-line and be relatively slim fitting, as was the style during the '60s, '70s and '80s when they were particularly in fashion. You can buy oversized denim jackets, however, which sit looser at the waist and arms for a baggier fit. If you're concerned about length, you can easily size up and get the arms adjusted.

Can you put a denim jacket in the washing machine?

Typically, yes, but it depends on the type of denim your jacket is made from. If the jacket is pre-washed, it'll likely hold up in a washing machine far better compared to something made from raw or untreated denim. If you're unsure, hand-washing or spot washing with cold water is always the safest option, and as with many other fabrics that are susceptible to harsh chemicals, avoid the dry-cleaners.

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