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Vintage Denim Trucker Jacket

The first thing you will notice about this Trucker Jacket is the feel of the denim, not its unorthodox construction. Japanese denim finishing processes are unique, and each denim mill applies its craft differently.

Now returning to the unorthodox construction the design abandons front pleating and mounts the pockets externally, and not in the traditional hand warmer style. The pleating is a throwback to the type I denim blouse, more on that here:


  1. How to date and value vintage Levi's Type I, II and III denim jackets

The denim is a ring spun denim and true to form has a unique, irregular, surface with natural slubs. Attached are two images which show the denim, construction and internal view of the slubs which will be exposed in time through wear and tear on the Trucker Jacket.

The collar is lined with a soft cotton corduroy giving the jacket more alignment with traditional work wear, the most famous being the Lee Stormrider. Pairing the lined collar with the type I inspired pleating exposes that the designer is a history buff.

The fit is slim, ideal for a craftsman.

Priced at Australian Dollar $86.75 or US Dollar $61.35 (as at February 2022) there is a lot of hard work being exchanged for very modest consideration here, and the offer of an interest free payment plan via Afterpay stands.

With 100% Cotton Denim the Trucker Jacket also is fully recyclable at the end of its life.

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