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French Fleur De Sel Salt

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Fleur de sel is a rare, unrefined salt made in western France by evaporating seawater slowly in 2-centimeter-deep ponds. Fleur de sel is a salt that dissolves slowly, so its taste lingers in the mouth. But just about every step of the process to get this salt is difficult. Before harvesting, the wind has to be perfect. And during the harvest, salt producers need to be ready to collect the precious salt at any moment, or they won't make a profit. Even if they seize the right moment, the salt has to dry for an entire year before it can be sold. In France it costs 230 times the price of table salt, and can sell for $420 per kilogram in the US. So, is it always worth it to produce fleur de sel? And why is it so expensive?

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