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Tanuki’s Red Cast Denim Is Back

After 4 long years, Tanuki‘s Red Cast denim is back in form of the brand’s Regular Jeans and Type III denim jacket. Known for its craftsmanship and use of exquisite fabrics, it’s no surprise that Tanuki fans went wild for its Red Cast denim back in 2017.

The denim gets its name from its beige weft that carries a red hue, giving off a red cast” in the sea of blue. But it’s the fading potential that turned this fabric into a cult classic, with the power to squeeze out that high contrast, vintage style wear that everyone seems to chase.

Both items stay true to classic shapes with the jeans featuring a regular straight cut with a high rise and the jacket featuring that modern, type III streamlined look.

Both use copper hardware, contrasting red stitching, and are finished off with a deerskin leather patch.

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