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Runabout Goods Supports The American Denim Legacy With Its Brander Jacket

Mike Hodis makes his triumphant return to reproduction denim garments with the new Runabout Goods Brander Jacket. Not since the days of a Hodis-helmed Rising Sun have we seen a period-correct (or inspired) piece of denim from the lauded designer, and what better way to return to the world of blue with a Type I jacket? The Brander Jacket is a repro Type I with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from such a thing: pleated front, reinforcing yoke, back cinch, single pocket on the front, metal buttons, leather patch, etc.

The denim in question was milled by Proximity Mills, located inside the White Oak plant, they’re one of the only American selvedge denim mills at present time- named for the first mill that Moses H. Cone (of Cone Mills) started. It’s a 12.2 oz. Unsanforized indigo fabric that’s sure to shrink roughly a full size, so size up, or go with their rinsed option.

20% of sales goes to the W.O.L.F. Project, so you’re supporting the continued efforts of American denim manufacturers, whilst looking good in a crispy denim blouson.

Available for $550 at Runabout Goods.

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