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Stevenson’s Stockman Jacket Is One Of The Most Ornate Truckers Out There

What’s the opposite of minimalism? Maximalism, I suppose. Well, as with many releases from Stevenson Overall Co., their new Stockman Jacket is a master class in having everything all at once in one jacket, without looking fussy or pretentious.

The Stockman jacket takes cues from a wide variety of classic western and denim jackets. The jacket seems to be predominately influenced by classic Wrangler silhouettes with two chest and two hip pockets. It also features pleats, a waist adjuster, and a generous heaping of western-inspired embroidery. But as always, the construction and quality from SOC is, well, excellent. The 12 oz. denim is second to none and the jacket is lined with a cotton plaid fabric that will feel smooth on the skin.

This piece might seem extra at first, but take a closer look. In reality, it’s just chock full of reasons to wear it like hell.

Available for $450 at Franklin & Poe.

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