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Sweeten Your Blouson Game With Jelado’s Vanilla 410xx Denim Jacket

Indigo will always be the OG when it comes to denim, but natural, cream, and ivory denim is a sure-fire way to switch things up and bring some clean, crisp summery vibes to your arsenal. Who can you call upon to answer your vanilla denim cravings? Why, Jelado, of course!

The Japanese kings of vintage repro have the cream of the off-white denim crop, here, with their 410xx Denim Jacket in Vanilla. Cut in Japan from 100% cotton, the 410xx uses Jelado’s signature ‘Last Resort’ denim in its original form of un-dyed cotton which results in this creamy natural colorway. Silhouette-wise, the Jelado 410xx is based on a 1947 rendition of one of the most archetypal denim jacket models, the Levi’s Type I 506 xx. If you want something classic and well-informed, it’s hard to pick a fault with this one.

The 401xx is fitted with custom-painted Jelado buttons, the yellowish-tone of which adds some contrast to this clean piece which will only improve when the paint chips away with wear. Each jacket is finished with epically branded labels and a cinch back adjuster at the waist, and sizes Large and up can enjoy T-back construction on the back panel.

Available for $350 ($315 for Heddels+ members) from Clutch Cafe

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