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100% Cotton Denim Trucker Jacket

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Firstly, let me admit that as soon as I opened this jacket I wore it for a week - including about 250kms on a Royal Enfield Classic 500. So the photo's attached are of a 'nearly new' sample.

When I got into Trucker Jacket's, the reasons were simple and this jacket captures the decision beautifully. Two dye's are available for this medium weight denim Trucker Jacket with sleek buttons paired with the dye. Pictures attached show the classic styling, slightly widened v-shaped hemming from the traditional chest mounted pockets. Side hand warmer pockets in the traditional position, turn down collar with some tasteful distressing (which I am usually not into, but will make this exception).

The fit is athletic. I dead-lift about 230kgs, or 506 pounds, and my arms are comfortable in the sleeve.

The denim is an Open End Denim, more on that here:


This is a high price performance offer. Interest free payment plan available via Afterpay.

With 100% Cotton Denim the Trucker Jacket also is fully recyclable at the end of its life.

Return to product in store: here

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