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Get Toasty In Iron Heart’s Fleece-Lined Modified Type III 17 oz. Denim Jacket

Iron Heart just sewed up a batch of their version of the classic sherpa-lined trucker jacket, the 17 oz. Natural Selvedge Denim H-526J-SL Type III, and it’s ready to be taken to the next level with your personalized 2022 fades. If there ever was a trucker worth the investment, it would be a sherpa or wool-lined piece like this, especially if it gets chilly in your neck of the woods. Sure, you’re not gonna wear it snowboarding, but you sure as hell will wear it to the after-party… and I don’t know… all the damn time? It’s jackets like this you find yourself throwing on day after day, night after night, and thanks to Iron Heart, this particular jacket will only improve with such repeated wear.

With iconic details like two welted button flap pockets on the chest, two welted hip pockets, metal button closure, button adjusting cuffs, Iron heart fitted this heater in Japan with meticulously sewn seams, a beige corduroy collar, synthetic sherpa lining, and lined quilted sleeves for warmth and ease in throwing it on. Best of all? All this is done up in Iron Heart’s soft and vibrant 17 oz. Natural Organic indigo denim which will yield fades that suit an Americana-inspired piece like this.

Available for $600 at Iron Heart International

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