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Hit The Rodeo In Warehouse & Co’s Cowboy Jeans & Jacket

No, you aren’t looking at the floor of a microchip factory, the Warehouse & Co. Lot. 1002 Cowboy Pants (WWII Model Denim Jean) and Lot. 2010 Cowboy Denim Jacket (WWII Model) are just some of the CLEANEST denim pieces we’ve ever seen for a fair while. Modeled after original WWII era Lee jeans ‘n’ jackets, you’re looking at a double-whammy of denim history – not to mention, much more under the radar than repros of that other “L” brand’s WWII jeans.

Made from a right-hand twill weave, grey topped weft, and weighing in between 13.5 and 13.7 ounces respectively, the denim fabric is a bright yet charmingly dull blue which captures the tone that you might see if you are lucky enough to unearth a dead stock Lee example from the era. Which if you do, hit me up.

Featuring some war-time cost-saving quirks like; lack of arcuate stitching, singular rounded flap pocket, no cinch backs, herringbone twill pocket bags, iron UFO rivets, and double-stitched construction (opposed to triple stitch) there is nothing excessive about these stripped-down, hard-wearing, gimmick-less Leepros, well, except for that luscious hair-on-hide patch!

Each garment comes with its own tote bag and cheekily-accurate Lee-style branding

Available from $330 from Clutch Cafe

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