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Iron Heart Renders Its Modified Type III in 12 Oz. Moleskin

Now I know that fades are life and most new purchases are ultimately dependent on the future fade potential, and I’m not disputing this in any way as I love a good honeycomb or whisker as much as the next guy, but this Modified Type III Jacket from Iron Heart has actually been designed not to fade and instead retain its color. Hopefully you haven’t completely lost interest and stopped reading as this future staple has a lot going for it.

Made in Japan and cut from a 12 oz. cotton moleskin that has been reactive dyed to achieve that color consistency and washed once to keep shrinkage to a minimum. A familiar contemporary type III look with two external handwarmer pockets (cue debate), two internal pockets, all internal felled seams, poly/cotton stitching, all finished off nicely with copper Iron Heart tack buttons. Tough call on which color to go for as both are superb, So i’ll leave that down to you.

Available from Iron Heart priced at $400.

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