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Thunderbird Jacket with Vidalia Mills Denim for 2023

Sometimes a piece of clothing goes beyond the physical realm, holding value that is much more emotional and spiritual in nature than your average garment. The Thunderbird Jacket from Ginew is a perfect example.

Made from Vidalia Mills denim and manufactured in LA, the Thunderbird was modeled after the Lee Storm Rider without the lining, which makes it wearable year-round. With its custom donut button closure, V-stitch placket, slanted chest pockets, and side welt pockets, this thing has all the features you need for a day on the road or a night on the town.

It comes complete with custom embroidered detailing under the collar and cuff – layers that will improve even more every time you put this thing on, with the gradual denim evolution letting shine as the indigo dye chips away. It will be easy to flip the collar to show off that embroidery, too, with the corduroy fabric providing a soft feel on your neck.

Whether your goal is to go Canadian tux or keep it lower-key with khakis or fatigues, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more qualified candidate to freshen up your spring/summer jacket rotation than this epic piece by the only Native-owned denim brand.


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