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It's simple.  Anybody who's been a somebody in America has worn a Trucker Jacket

A Little Bit About Denim.  And Trucker Jackets For Men


There’s a reason our nation’s most celebrated cultural icons all wore denim.


With a rich historical and cultural heritage, denim is something of a representative fabric for the spirit of America. Denim has humble beginnings, being first worn by laborers in America's manufacturing plants. The fabric was chosen for being simultaneously tough, durable, and comfortable – ideal qualities for long hours of workwear.


Fast-forward through the California Gold Rush, a cowboy craze, and a dissident cultural shift in school classrooms across America, and denim had cemented itself as the go-to apparel for rebels, punks, hippies, low-riders, rockstars, and renegades alike have embraced it, and today, denim’s superior cultural status lives on.


The Rise Of Men's Trucker Jackets

Today’s trucker jacket is no different. Dovetailing the rise of denim, the trucker jacket style has been donned by the likes of Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Martin Sheen, Elvis, and John Lennon, making it an inseparable piece in the American cultural imaginary.

Trucker Jacket Design

Set apart from ordinary denim jackets, trucker jackets became well-known for their distinctive shape and cut, particularly in the 1990s. You’ll notice twin hand and breast pockets, a signature V stitching pattern, and cinching button flaps flaunting the back waist.

Men's Trucker Jacket Staples

The Sherpa Lined Trucker Jacket men's fashion was begging for. The Recycle Denim offer does wonders for the planet.


Our men's trucker jackets are built with quality, style, comfort, and Mother Nature in mind. We have trucker jackets available in warm and lightweight options, made for every season. We also offer just about every material imaginable, from 100% cotton denim to oil-waxed canvas.


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